Phalaenopsis orchid

Phalaenopsis orchid

The Phalaenopsis orchid is an easy plant to grow, it can easily adapt to domestic environments. Native to India, the Philippines, Indonesia and Australia it has a wide colour range flowers.

The name of the plant comes from the shape of its flower. The word phalaena that means moth or butterfly, and opsis that means “similar”. Its name refers to the typical butterfly shape of its flowers. In the botanic language orchids are associated to positive meanings, they are a symbol of harmony and spiritual balance.

In nature, many species of orchids Phalaenopsis grow and live on trees, developing roots between the bark in total absence of soil, that is why Kalapanta specific substrate is raw and composed of bark pieces.

Symbology of the orchid Phalaenopsis

If you give a Phalaenopsis as a gift, you show respect and esteem for the person you give it to.

It’s available with large or small flowers. The petals can be white, pink, purple, orange, mottled. The only color that does not exist in nature is blue, but there are different shades of lilac and purple.

In the East, the Phalaenopsis represents cheerfulness, is considered capable of protecting the house and bringing serenity to the family. It is also a wish for longevity and for physical and mental health, since the flowers last very long.

How to take care of Phalaenopsis

This plant requires constant humidity but pay attention to avoid the water stagnation, this causes the rotting of the roots. If treated in optimal conditions, the Phalaenopsis orchid can bloom up to 2-3 times a year. The plant can live a long time and bloom several times. Flowering lasts at least three months.Repotting orchids is a necessary operation to keep the plants healthy, you can find all our suggestions at this link.

How to choose the right pot

It is fundamental to choose a pot with drainage holes in order to ensure a perfect drainage and avoid stagnation of water that would cause the roots to rot.