Professional organic potting soil for Cymbidium Orchids P-Max, 2 litre bag

Simple, uncomposted plant soil conditioner with bark and peat. Professional, organic and specific cultivation substrate.
Product obtained solely from fertilisers and soil improvers ‘Allowed in organic farming’.

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Product made to meet all the needs of Cymbidium and terrestrial orchid species with firm roots in the soil (Paphiopedilum, Cypripendium, Bletilla). It is made from a careful mixture of maritime pine bark (grain size 5-15 mm) that guarantees good aeration and drainage, mixed with a percentage of peat to ensure proper anchorage and root growth.


    • Use the product when repotting, which should be done during the vegetative awakening. Ensure good drainage for the plant by placing a layer of expanded clay on the bottom of the pot, on top of which you will add the specific orchid substrate so that the plant’s collar is 1-2 cm below the rim of the pot. Then press the substrate so that it adheres to the roots.