Professional organic potting soil for Orchids P-Max, 2 litre bag

Professional and organic soil, 100% natural made with maritime pine bark and blond peat.

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Organic first choice bark made with selected raw material!

Kalapanta professional soil for orchids is produced in Italy with raw materials of excellent quality.
It is obtained from the careful mixture of selected maritime pine bark and a small percentage of blond peat, which makes it perfect for any type of orchid.

Formulated in line with the latest and innovative techniques of organic cultivation in order to meet the needs of each species of orchids. The natural substrate ensures good structural stability that is fundamental for the plant anchoring.

Kalapanta selected bark guarantees a high porosity and lightness, slow decomposition and the right moisture at the root level. Our 100% natural and first choice substrate ensures that even the most delicate species grow optimally especially in the early stages after the overgrown and the repotting.

The practical and handy 2-liter pack is ideal to fill perfectly the Kalapanta pots in the 16cm diameter size.

Corteccia di pino marittimo per orchidee

Suitable for the main orchid species

Perfect for the development of the following species:
Cattleya, Cymbidium, Vanda, Oncidium, Paphiopedium, Cypripendium, and Phalaenopsis.