Orchidea in vaso trasparente riempito di perlite

Decorative pebbles 100% recycled and recyclable plastic

Kalapanta decorative pebbles are made 100% with recycled and recyclable plastic, it is a Made in Italy product and it is suitable for interior decoration.

There are 2 available sizes: small and large. Each stone is unique, you cannot find 2 identical ones!

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The garden becomes a creative space

The garden is a relaxing place but it is also an ideal space to express one’s creativity. Flower pots, plants, chairs and stones… why not? They too can be used in a very fancy and versatile way!

It is true that when you think of a garden you imagine grass, trees, hedges, flower beds, walls and areas that we would like to delimit.

For this reason, the pebbles can be used, both in the form of flooring but also for simple decorative purposes.

They can fill an otherwise empty space, creating a more interesting and aesthetically complete environment than just the ground.

Sassi Kalapanta bianchi attorno ad una pianta di timo

Minimalist design inspiration: examples and practical tips

Sober and essential elegance

Enhancing some corners of our house is so easy with Kalapanta stones, you just need a bit of imagination and that’s it!

Pietre Kalapanta bianche in un vaso rettangolare trasparente.
Simple and stylish

There are spaces of our house that over time seem to be anonymous but with a creative touch immediately change appearance and the environment becomes harmonious.

Let your imagination run free

The stones are clean, hygienic and non-toxic, lighter than common stones and washable. So you can let your creativity run free.

Due vasi con sottovaso trasparenti. All'interno pietre e piante grasse finte.
Functional and modern

Thanks to Kalapanta stones, you have an economic, eco-sustainable and modern solution to enhance places with style and simplicity.