Set pennarelli e pietre

Rock painting kit

Kalapanta rock painting kit has been designed to let the creativity of children and adults run free giving the opportunity to develop imagination and practical skills.

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A complete kit!

Here you can find everything your creativity needs:

  • 20 pebbles of 100% recycled and recyclable plastic, size range from 5 to 8 cm diameter. The decorative pebbles are light, non-toxic, hygienic and easily washable.
  • 12 multi-surface water-based markers, highly covering and light-resistant. The markers can be used on pebbles, cardboard, wood, glass, leather, pottery, plastic, modeling dough and metal.
  • A piece of sandpaper useful to make the surface of the stones rough enough and suitable to be decorated.
Set pietre Kalapanta e pennarelli

Thanks to the medium tip of the markers you can dedicate yourself to tiny details as well as larger areas.

Use the pebbles as decoration for indoor or outdoor, as cute placeholders, original centerpieces or even create unique and personalized gifts for your family and friends.

You can also take advantage of the versatility of pebbles to decorate flower pots, or even use felt-tip pens to customize coasters, Christmas balls, cups, jars or photo albums.

Decorate your garden or garden with beautiful and fun creations.

Water-based markers:

The markers, thanks to their felt tip, provide maximum yield on multiple surfaces. They have an average length of 2 mm.

They ensure long life and permanence on porous surfaces, which is the reason why we recommend to rub the pebbles with sandpaper before decorating them.

They are washable with a damp cloth.

They are lightfast, so no worries, you can leave your creations outdoor.

Thanks to the high coverage of the colors and their overlap, they can give great results even on dark surfaces. Inside the box you will find 12 assorted colors: white, black, brown, green, light green, blue, light blue, red, orange, yellow, pink.

Decorate the pebbles, let them dry carefully and enjoy the beautiful result!

Pennarelli di vari colori