Vaso marrone Kalapanta con varie piante all'interno

Eco-friendly Design Vase 100% Recycled plastic with substrate for repotting

This amazing Kalapanta kit is composed of an elegant and modern recycled plastic vase plus 2L of top quality universal substrate.

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Perfect for indoor and outdoor

Resistant to impacts and to temperature changes, the colors are solid and resistant to sunlight, perfect for indoor and outdoor.

The self-watering system consists of a water reserve on the bottom of the pot that allows the moisture to get to the soil once it becomes dry, in this way, you do not have to water the plants too often.
It is possible to add a level indicator that indicates the quantity of water in the reserve.

The drainage hole can be open or closed and there is no water stagnation.

Vaso bianco con fiori all'interno
Vaso grigio con alzata
Vaso color mattone
Vaso marrone con alzata
Vaso bianco con alzata

Made of 100% plastics coming from the recycling of household waste.
It is available in 4 different colors Clay, White, Gray, Sand.

The substrate that is included in this kit is composed of high quality raw material, it is a first choice soil made through the most advanced cultivation techniques. Particularly suitable for repotting all kinds of plants.