Transparent saucer set 100% recycled and recyclable plastic

Those who practice gardening know well that the saucer is a very important complement for plants, it can be considered as an inevitable accessory.
The saucer guarantees the plant a proper reserve of water and the right moisture to the roots, in addition, it prevents water flooding from the bottom of the pot.

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Two available sizes

The saucer is like an accessory, the plant would not be complete without its saucer.
Two different sizes are available in order to match the pot size and they are available in different quantities:

  • diameter 12 cm, height 2 cm (ideal for Kalapanta pots diameter 14cm)
  • diameter 14 cm, height 2.3 cm (ideal for Kalapanta pots diameter 16cm)

Both sizes are available in a kit of 5 or 10 saucers.

Sottovaso trasparente 12cmx2cm
Sottovaso trasparente 14cmx2,3cm

Have a look! They are not just simple saucers

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