Sottovaso e vaso trasparenti con orchidea fiorita.

Clear Plastic Orchid Pot with Drainage Holes and Saucer

Enhance your plants and give a touch of style to your home thanks to this Made in Italy vase, made of high quality plastic, with an ecological, non-toxic and recyclable material, it is very light and impact resistant.

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A flower pot for everyone!

The repotting kit is composed of a beautiful transparent pot in recycled plastic with a diameter of 14 or 16 cm, the pot has 4 drainage holes and raised bottom.

Thanks to the transparency of the pot it is possible to control the development of the roots that will receive enough light to develop strongly.

The raised bottom makes irrigation easier and prevents the water stagnation of the roots.

The surface of the vase has a glossy finish, it is resistant to UV rays and temperatures from -50 C to +50 C, it is easily washable.

The material in which it is made is eco-friendly, non-toxic and recyclable and recycled, it is very light and shock resistant.

Sottovaso e vaso trasparenti con sassi all'interno
Due vasi con sottovaso trasparenti. All'interno pietre e piante grasse finte.

Home design

Use this beautiful pot with drainage holes and combine it with simple objects of furniture (like Kalapanta decorative pebbles in recycled and recyclable plastic), the result will be amazing!

Let your imagination run free to create your own style.

Decorating with plants is a simple and elegant way to bring good vibes to your place.

Then, remind that gardening keeps our minds busy, is relaxing and healthy!