Tre vasi colorati Kalapanta. Rosso, giallo e blu.

Kalapanta – set of 3 multicoloured flower pots

The pots are objects of furniture with an important aesthetic function as well as practical.

The choice of different color combinations will allow you to get a surprising and cheerful result, able to embellish even the most anonymous corners of the house.

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Elegant and colorful pots for indoor and outdoor

The set consists of 3 colored pots with a diameter of 14cm.

The post have raised bottom, which is useful to avoid water stagnation, in addition, it is possible to use the raised bottom to support other smaller pots or to put inert substrate.

Kalapanta multicoloured pots are suitable to repot your flowers and plants or to create your own home garden. The shiny finish releases all the brightness of its colors and gives the pots a nice and elegant appearance.

You can choose three pots in assorted colors and set your creativity free or you can choose a plain-colored trio in order to create coloured corners in your house.

The pots are very resistant and lightweight, thanks to their UV resistance, they are also suitable for outdoor use.

Tre vasi Kalapanta. Rosso, giallo e blu.
Tre vasi colorati Kalapanta. Rosso, giallo e blu.
Tre vasi rossi Kalapanta
Tre vasi blu Kalapanta
Tre vasi bianchi Kalapanta
Tre vasi gialli Kalapanta
Tre vasi verdi Kalapanta

Colour meanings. What does your favorite colour say about you?

  • Green: it is the colour of life that grows and renews itself, it is a sign of balance and growth associated with youth. We are cool if we stay young and fresh over time!
    Those who love green colour, look for balance and stability.
  • Blue: it is like peace and harmony, blue offers balance to the emotions. Thanks to its position in the chromatic scale, this colour relaxes the mind and helps to create a peaceful atmosphere.
  • White: it is the first color, it represents freedom, peace and sincerity. The sensations of white refer to purity, encourage order and mental clarity.
  • Yellow: it is a color associated with light, intellect, knowledge, warmth and joy, the desire for something new.
  • Red: love and passion are red, it is the symbol of physical and mental vitality. Those who prefer this colour have a bold personality and want to catch and keep the attention of other people.