Vaso bonsai tondo verde e substrato apposito
Vaso bonsai tondo grigio e substrato apposito

Round Bonsai Pot with drainage hole and SPECIFIC substrate

The perfect combo for your repotting!

Handcrafted Bonsai pot made of natural stoneware, with one hole for water drainage.

Specific organic bonsai substrate made from a careful mixture of peat and lapilli.

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The pot is made for Kalapanta by Certrè Ceramiche, a renowned company that combines the excellence of Made in Italy with skilfull ceramic manufacturing techniques.

Each piece is unique, in fact small details distinguish one vase from the other, just like the authentic and original craft techniques.

The resistance and durability of this pot is given by the material it is made of. Stoneware makes the vases frost-proof and very resistant to atmospheric agents.

Kalapanta specific substrate for bonsai, promotes oxygen circulation while ensuring proper water retention.

Repotting is only recommended when the plants are too large or when the potting soil begins to degrade. As a general rule, conifers should be repotted every two to three years and deciduous trees every year or two.

Bonsai e vaso bonsai rotondo grigio
Foro di drenaggio del vaso per bonsai tondo grigio

Suitable for

The pot is handmade and suitable for the following bonsai trees: upturned broom (hokidachi), informal upright (moyogi), double trunk (sokan), littered (bunjingi), windswept (fukinagashi), leaning (chu-shakan), twisted trunk (bankan).


  • Round pot with one drainage hole, made of natural stoneware.
  • Vase size 15 x 15 x 6 cm.
  • Due to its shape and size, this pot is also suitable for succulents.
  • Available in two colours: grey, dark green.
  • Enamelled finish.
Vaso per bonsai tondo grigio con cactus