Sacchetto di perlite Kalapanta

Expanded perlite

Expanded Perlite is a natural volcanic rock that is extremely light, chemically inert, pH neutral, stable and unalterable over time, and highly porous. These physical characteristics make perlite a mineral matrix that, when added to potting soils, guarantees excellent water absorption, which it then progressively releases to the soil along with fertilisers, playing the role of soil drainer. In this way, the soil remains oxygenated and aerated, filtering excess water and protecting the root systems from sudden changes in temperature, allowing them to develop properly.

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Expanded Perlite is commonly used for:
– Soil mixtures;
– Curing;
– Lightening of containers;
– Covering alveolar containers;
– Preparing mixtures for building cubes;
– Mulching;
– Decoration;
– Propagation of flowering, garden and vegetable plants;
– Replanting, i.e. transferring young seedlings from a pot or crate to larger containers.
Paletta per giardinaggio con attorno e sopra un mix di terriccio e perlite


  • Mix with the potting soil at a dose of 5% by volume (e.g. 2 litres of perlite for 45 litres of potting soil). Vary the percentages according to the desired characteristics of porosity and softness.