Bag of professional substrate for succulent Kalapanta

 Professional organic potting soil for Cactus and Succulents P-Max, 2 litre bag

Raw materials: acid peat, neutral peat, sand, green composted soil improver, lapilli
Product obtained solely from fertilisers and soil improvers ‘allowed in organic farming’.

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It consists of a careful mixture of peat, green composted soil improver, lapilli and sand, providing the best conditions for the development of succulent plants in general, i.e. a very porous substrate that does not dry out completely between irrigation but is capable of retaining mineral substances.

The product is particularly rich in appropriately stabilised organic matter and has an optimal pH for plant growth.
It therefore constitutes the ideal habitat for all succulent plant species.

Vasi con varie piante grasse e terriccio


  • Use the product when repotting, which should be done in conjunction with vegetative awakening. However, use should be more frequent for young plants than for adult plants, which can also be repotted every 2-3 years.