How to tell if your orchid needs water and how to water it

In order to understand how often orchids should be watered, you have to remind where these plants come from and possibly create the same environment at home.

quando annaffiare le orchidee

It is important to remember that orchids live in tropical forests, where there are only two seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. Then, orchids go into vegetative rest during the dry season and start growing again when the humidity increases.

So how often should I water my orchid? As a rule, the plant needs to be watered by soaking (and never from above) every 3-5 days or 5-7 days depending on the season.
In addition, alto the type of water used to water is very important. Orchids do not tolerate calcareous (or hard) water, so in some cases tap water will not be possible. If the water flowing in the pipes is from a natural source (acidic water), they can be watered by immersing them in the sink. On the contrary, if the water is calcareous, it is advisable to use rain or bottled water.
Immersione in acqua orchidea

How to water a potted orchid step by step:

  • Fill a container or the sink with water until it reaches halfway up the pot. 
  • Soak the plant 15-20 minutes.
  • Put the plant back in the pot, preferably clear with drainage holes and saucer.

The colour of the roots tells us a lot about the health of the plant, this is the reason why it is a good idea to use a transparent pot for the orchid.

If the upper part of the substrate is dry while the lower part is still moist, it is useful to spray the leaves and the substrate. The misting should be like the mists of the natural environment, so the leaves should be covered with tiny droplets like dew.

In conclusion

Orchids are delicate plants, but with these simple tricks everyone will be able to have healthy and flourishing plants.