Bag of Larch Bark Kalapanta

Professional organic Larch Bark , 2 litre bag

Simple non-composted vegetable soil conditioner
Specific organic bark, 100% natural and of excellent quality. First-class larch bark, average size 15-25 mm.

Effectively protecting plants from temperature fluctuations and pests, larch bark also has an excellent ability to absorb water and release it gradually, reducing the need for watering.

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Selected larch bark, (grain size 15-25 mm) not chemically treated after felling. It has multiple beneficial properties for all crops.

  • pH: 6
  • Moisture: 30%.
  • Organic carbon (C) on dry basis: 45%.
  • Organic nitrogen (N) on dry weight: 0.1%.
  • Salinity: 16 dS/m
  • Grain size: 15-25 mm
  • Weight 0.300 kg net (equal to 2 litres)
  • Raw material: Maritime pine bark
Vialetto con una fila di rosmarino piantato nella corteccia


  • Used when repotting orchids, it prevents mold and water stagnation. It guarantees high porosity, lightness and good structural stability. Placed in flower beds, it naturally prevents weed growth by maintaining soil moisture.