Orchid pruning


Orchid with dry stem
Seeing a dry stem can be a cause for concern. At the end of each blooming the stem begins to yellow and dry up, but what should be done in these situations? The answer is very simple, the dying part should be cut off, as the stem’s only function is to flower and once this process is over, it is useless to the plant. 
It would also be advisable to cut off a healthy stem at the end of flowering to increase the chances of a second flowering with smaller flowers or a more abundant flowering next year.

Best time to prune orchids

Orchids should be pruned only once the flowers have died off, usually when temperatures drop in autumn
Fading flowers can be nipped off to keep your orchid looking neat, but don’t cut the stems on Phalaenopsis orchids until all the flowers have dropped. 

Tools and Equipment

A pair of sterilised shears or scissors is required to cut the dry stem. Sterilisation can be done using Tea Tree oil, hydrogen peroxide, bleach or ethyl alcohol. Remember to dry the excess with virgin cotton.


If the branch has dried out completely, then it is best to cut off at the base with a clean cut.

If, on the other hand, it has only partially withered, then, it is better to cut off the whole part that is no longer green, usually above the first node that is still green. 

After flowering, even if the stem is still healthy, it should be cut above the first bud positioned after the flowers. By removing only part of the stem, the plant is likely to produce flowers more quickly as it does not have to spend its energy on creating a new stem.

come tagliare stelo orchidea
If the plant is drying out prematurely, then it is a sign that the plant is under stress.
There could be a sudden temperature change that has caused this or the root system is rotting. Use a suitable substrate and a pot with drainage holes to allow your orchid to grow healthy.

Last tips

In conclusion, orchid pruning is an essential aspect of caring for these fascinating plants. If done correctly and at the right time, it can help keep your orchids healthy, prevent the spread of disease, and stimulate lush flowering. So, don’t let the idea of pruning your orchids intimidate you.
With a little practice and patience, you will find that it is a simple process that can make a big difference in the beauty and health of your plants.

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