Professional organic potting soil for Bonsai P-Max, 2 litre bag

Specific soil for indoor and outdoor bonsai trees, exclusive formula for enhanced plant stability, optimal drainage and even growth.

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Substrate obtained from a careful mixture of peat, lapilli and sand, Its structure promotes oxygen circulation while ensuring proper water retention so that the plant’s water needs are met between waterings.

It is very important to choose the best balanced soil in order to keep bonsai trees healthy, it must be draining enough to keep the roots from rotting while absorbing enough water to nourish them.

It can be used as a substrate as part of any bonsai cultivation technique because it is free of elements that could cause growth imbalances.

Spring is the right time for repotting, because during this season the roots can be pruned without compromising the health of the plant.

How to repot your bonsai tree properly:

  • Choose a pot with a slightly larger diameter than the previous one.;
  • pull the bonsai out of the pot, clean the roots from the old substrate, remove the dead parts, shorten the ones that are too long by a few cm;
  • place 5 cm of expanded clay and a layer of bonsai potting soil at the base of the new pot, place the plant, and fill the pot with potting soil so that the collar (the junction point between the root and the aerial part) is 1-2 cm below the rim of the pot;
  • place the plant out of the light and water it sparingly (one or two sprays a day) until it resumes normal vegetation. Then, return to light, water and fertilize taking into account the needs of the species and respecting the doses and timing given on the package.