Orchid Repotting Kit: pot with drainage holes, saucer and organic BARK

Everything you need for the repotting of your orchids: transparent pots with drainage holes with saucer and specific substrate.

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A flower pot for everyone!

The repotting kit is composed of a beautiful transparent pot in recycled plastic with a diameter of 14 or 16 cm, the pot has 4 drainage holes and raised bottom.

The transparency of the pot allows to control the development of the roots and allows them to receive a enough light to develop strongly.

The raised bottom makes irrigation easier and prevents the water stagnation of the roots.

The surface of the vase has a glossy finish, it is resistant to UV rays and temperatures from -50 C to +50 C, it is easily washable.

The material in which it is made is eco-friendly, non-toxic and recyclable and recycled, it is very light and shock resistant.

First choice organic bark for orchids!

Kalapanta professional soil for orchids is produced in Italy with raw materials of excellent quality.

It is obtained from the careful mixture of selected maritime pine bark and a small percentage of blond peat, which makes it perfect for any type of orchid.

Kalapanta selected bark guarantees a high porosity and lightness, slow decomposition and the right moisture at the root level. Our 100% natural and first choice substrate ensures that even the most delicate species grow optimally especially in the early stages after the overgrown and the repotting.