Orchid blooms are the most eagerly awaited time… but what to do if the buds do not bloom or even fall off?

orchid buds falling

If the buds look ripe but give no sign of blooming, it could be that the plant has absorbed all the nutrients from the soil and repotting is necessary. It is usually not recommended to repot a flowering plant, so proceed with care.


Water is obviously very important for the correct development of the plant and a deficiency can lead to buds falling off. Therefore, you have to check that the plant is watered correctly, but also that the humidity is not too low. If the plant is dry, simply spray it with a sprayer.


Proper exposure is crucial, so make sure that the plant is getting enough light. Without enough light the orchid will not have enough energy to flower, but keep in mind that the light has to be indirect. Remind to check that the leaves are not dusty, this will not allow the light to be absorbed.


Orchids do not handle temperature changes and drafts, for this reason the plant should not be placed near a heat source such as radiators or stoves, but also make sure that it is not too close to fans and air conditioners.

Change of environment

The orchid is very delicate, so a change of environment can be the cause of missed flowering. The journey from the shop to the house may adversely affect the plant, but even just a change of room can cause the buds to fall off. 

For this reason, it is advisable to buy orchids that are already fully flowered.

Once the cause is discovered, all that remains is to act accordingly and correct the problem. With these simple tricks, you will have blooming and luxuriant orchids!