We hear a lot about hydroponics but not everyone knows what it is.

What exactly is hydroponic cultivation? We hear about it, but exactly how does it work and what are the benefits?
As the name suggests, it involves growing a plant in water, in the absolute absence of soil.

The origins of hydroponics are very old. In fact, this technique has been rediscovered over the years and reworked with modern techniques. In this way, hydroponics has spread and become a well-known cultivation practice.

growing a plant in water


Hydroponic cultivation is a technique in which the plant roots grow and nourish themselves through water.  Depending on the techniques, it is possible to add inert substrate to replace the soil, this could be expanded clay, perlite, vermiculite, coconut fibre, rockwool, zeolite.


Hydroculture nutrient

Kalapanta Idropon P-Max is a special synthetic resin with ion exchange, designed and enhanced to give the best nutrition to hydroponically grown plants. 

The product provides the correct nutrition to the plant and enhance root development. These elements are supplied in a constant and balanced manner according to the plant’s needs and growth cycle.

The water, together with Kalapanta Idropon P-Max, conveys all the nutrients to the plant, so that it grows quickly, luxuriantly and in total health.

Thanks to Kalapanta Idropon P-Max the plant will grow fast because the amount of nutrients is absorbed 50% faster than with conventional nutrients.


A real advantage of hydroponics is that there is no seasonality, so it is possible to grow at any time of the year, without the risk of plant growth being compromised by rain, hail or sultry heat.

Then, another theme that is very dear to Kalapanta is that this type of cultivation is environmentally friendly.

In fact, thanks to hydroponics, the use of chemicals to drive away insects or weeds is completely eliminated

Cultivation can be done indoors or inside a greenhouse. A lot of water is saved, the nutrients needed by the plant are balanced, there is no waste and the use of herbicides or other chemicals is totally eliminated.

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