Kalapanta pebbles are a decorative accessory that fits perfectly both outdoor and indoor.

The decorative pebbles are practical and functional, they solve aesthetic problems by making the area where they are placed neat and tidy.

Here are some ideas!


They have lately become a typical and almost an unmissable element in a modern garden, they brighten up the area where they are placed, creating contrast with the green plants and lawn, and last but not least, they require very little maintenance.

Sassi decorativi intorno a arbusto di timo

There are countless uses for Kalapanta pebbles, just let your imagination run free and that’s it!
They can be used as a flower bed filler, or to mark out spaces in the garden, they can be placed around plants or in pots as a simple filler. They can’t miss in Zen or Japanese-style gardens.

Indoors they become a modern and versatile accessory as well as a useful base for aquariums and terrariums

Sassi decorativi per interni

available in two sizes

The pebbles are available in two sizes. The smaller ones have a diameter of 2-5 cm and are available in packs of approximately 80 or 120 pieces

Sassi Kalapanta - Taglia S
Decorative pebbles

The large ones have a diameter of 5-8 cm and are available in bags of approximately 48 and 96 pieces.

Large stones can become a fun pastime to color and paint.
It is advisable to rub the stones with sandpaper, in order to make the surface less smooth to the touch and more suitable for coloring with acrylic markers or paint.
Once decorated, the stones can become placeholders, paperweights or cheerful ornaments.

Sassi Kalapanta Decorati
Sassi Kalapanta - rock painting

Besides the aesthetic aspect and to the final use, it is good to know that Kalapanta pebbles are environmentally friendly, in fact they are made entirely of recycled plastic.

Great part of this material comes from industrial waste, the remaining 30% from household waste.